Feng Chia University Gymnasium create a wide range of sports and community people under the concept of living space created to support teaching and intramural sports events events demand as the prerequisite and enhance the fitness and recreation of quality promote the popularization of sports fitness, further create the modern concept of leisure sports and life .

Feng Chia University Gymnasium built in September 7,2003. Total floor area of 9,158 level ground. Insulation material is added to the metal, steel structure system, a metal plate and low emissivity glass wall built of natural ventilation cooling energy green energy green building.

Under the "practical, easy to use, multi-use, interoperability," the design goal, the stadium has the following advantages:

▓ Multi-function of provision of teaching and activities demand a multi-purpose venue

▓ High quality teachers and high standards of leisure and sports space

▓ Future expansion needs of the campus and stadium

▓ Transparency unobstructed visual space

▓ electric outlets electronic billboards, monitoring computerized broadband network

▓ lmages of lively and vigorous vitality space and architectural modeling

shared inside and outside the venue shared resources shared neighborhood

Stadium in November 15th,2005. Opening operations in Feb. 14,2006. Is a ground floor, the ground six high-tech, multi-purpose stadium modernization, extensive equipment as follows:

International standard swimming pool

Three multi-purpose indoor stadium

One outdoor stadium seat

Two Dance studio

 Two squash room

 Two Fitness room

 Two Auditorium

 A multi-purpose conference room


▓  Two Parking lot

▓  Operations management center, administrative center

 PE teachers Lab 24 rooms

 Discussion Room

▓  Emergency room, equipment room

 Each floor shower, change clothes, lounge

 Video audio, visual media

 Wi-Fi, leisure facilities

In a complete hardware devices, provides the following stadium services:

    Physical Education

    Physical Education Curriculum

    Seed personnel training

l  Fitness trainer training

l  Pool lifeguard training

    Movement Open

    Physical exercise

    Sports, leisure, diastolic pressure, social

  Training Courses

    Faculty students of various fitness, dance, body sculpting, weight loss, water sports and other training courses

    Daily training of sports teams

    Community popular movement to promote education

  Competitive Games

    Hosting an international or national sports events

    Various sports competitions in schools

  Celebration rally

    The third floor of the stadium can be simultaneously broadcast

    Celebration, graduation, faculty community activities

    Concerts, arts shows, film shows

  Meeting / Seminar

    etechnology, audio-visual amenities of the conference room at the same time in 5 rooms

    Large seminar Camp

    The combination of sports and leisure complex formula conferencing capabilities


Feng Chia University Stadium is not just a gym, it's a sports center.