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My name is Ruslan and I do fireworks. To begin with, if you are ready to spend a small amount on fireworks, we recommend that you consider the option of holding a professional fireworks display. It is possible that it will cost you the same amount as purchasing household pyrotechnics in a specialized store. But at the same time, you will get such fireworks that you cannot do on your own. Professional calibers work much more powerful and can offer a wider range of varied effects. In this case, all the preparatory work will be done by experienced pyrotechnics and you are only required to give them a command to fire. What's more, our prices for some pyro effects will be lower than if you bought them from an online store.

See here about wedding fireworks and pyrotechnics.

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And in a matter of hours you will have on hand a script of a pyrotechnic show just for your holiday. In conclusion, I would like to note that it is almost impossible to conduct two identical fireworks. Thus, each of our customers receives an exclusive pyrotechnic show, created taking into account all his wishes. And the scale of this show is limited only by the possibilities of the venue and our budget. We have ready-made versions of the programs, or the client can organize a fireworks according to his wishes and preferences. 😀

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